ActiWise CA: using the powerful activity from nature

Let us introduce you to our new active using caffeic acid from coffee beans. ActiWise CA is 100% natural-derived and easy to use into your formulations. Our active is targeted on reducing eyebag volume and dark circles around the eyes.  
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Caffeic acid  

Natural antioxidant with soothing properties, caffeic acid decreases oxidative stress, reduces lipid accumulation in adipocyte-like cells and has protective properties.

ActiWise CA 

Our ActiWise CA comprises the power of caffeic acid. It is a smart, easy to use mixture, ready to be used in a range of cosmetics products and is targeting undesired effects around the eyes: eyebags and dark circles.

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Perfect for... 

It is a perfect ingredient for eye contour creams or serums, night and day creams and also body treatments. 

Because we also make conscious choices, the caffeic acid is obtained in an upcycling process: from coffee beans that are not suitable for the food industry. 

Our actives contribute to overall well-being using natural methods. If you also value where your ingredients are from and want to unlock together the powerful activity of caffeic acid, see below the contact form and we will send you more information about our new launch ActiWise CA.

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