Plant-based appeal
Plant-based meat analogues have quickly grown from niche to mainstream, appealing to a broad consumer base. Proteins and vegetable oils are key ingredients in these products that, like many other foods,
can undergo oxidation.
Oxidation affects the visual appeal of meat analogues, as well as taste and smell, leading to a decrease in consumer appreciation. Jan Dekker antioxidants help to retain freshness and increase shelf life of plant-based meat alternatives.
Vegan burgers
The meat alternative: a vegan burger
The specialised application labs of IMCD work on the forefront of consumer trends. The savoury food lab has developed a vegan burger, based on texturised wheat proteins, other plant-derived ingredients and sunflower oil. The vegan burger is protected from oxidation and rancidity by a Jan Dekker natural antioxidant, conveniently mixed into the sunflower oil.
Profit from our expertise
Our in-house testing shows this antioxidant gives greater protection of vegan burgers compared to the type of antioxidants traditionally used to protect conventional meat. The efficacy is dependent on the formulation, which highlights the importance of testing your antioxidant of choice in final applications! 

Our antioxidant experts can help you choose the right one and maximise that natural, plant-based status of your formulation.

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