Upcycling to a higher quality and value

/ Minimising exploitation of natural resources

/ Perfect fit with our focus on sustainability

/ We continue to add upcycled products to range

Recycling has been a buzzword for decades. However, current challenges we face are not addressed by recycling, the scope is limited. And recycling by-products into... by-products?

Think about upcycling, creating a higher quality from by-products, which would otherwise go to waste!

Upcycling is the process of creating higher quality products from materials, ideal to create beautiful Beauty & Personal Care ingredients without unnecessary earth exploitation.

Upcycling is a way to decrease the footprint on the natural resources, and it is one of the ways we follow in our sustainable sourcing strategy.

Using by-products


A range of products from our portfolio are made from by-product streams, which might otherwise go to waste.

Sometimes the ingredient is even made from a by-product from an upcycling process.


Using B streams


‘B grade’ produce is also used in other cases, e.g. fruits that are visually not attractive enough (e.g. oils from nuts or fruits that are normally eaten), or for other reasons could not make it to the normal / fresh market.

Upcycling always used?


A range of products is connected to improving living standards in poor regions or even blocking deforestation.

It all depends on the type of product.

We stress that it is all about making the conscious choice in sourcing and processing, to maximise the positive impact!


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We would love to talk to you on the sustainability of our products and on our range of upcycled products. Please fill in the contact form to learn more.

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