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Pracaxi Oil: a True Treasure from the Amazon

Choosing for Pracaxi Oil means you are not only revitalizing your skin but you also make a difference for the local communities.

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Pracaxi Oil is a remarkable oil from the Amazon. It is used in Amazonian traditional medicine against various diseases. Its composition has a high content of very long-chain fatty acids, linked to protection in skin. But there is more…

From the Amazon, by local people

The Pracaxi tree is an important tree in the Amazonian rainforest, as it makes nitrogen available to other plants and improves soils for forest regeneration and recovery in degraded areas.

Local people in the Amazon gather the fallen seeds from the ground, without damaging the surrounding flora. They are paid a fair price, so communities are incentivized to protect the forest and are supported in their choice to live a rural life.

Families work on different species spread over the year and trainings are created to gather the right feedstock at the right moment, which is essential for the product quality. Communities are supported throughout the stages of production, with respect to equipment for cooperatives, technical guidance and protective equipment.

Through the production of Pracaxi oil, the living conditions and livelihoods of the families and communities involved are given a significant boost.

Unique properties  

/ Skin care: rich in very long chain fatty acids linked to protective effects in skin, skin moisture loss prevention

/ Hair care: to form a protective layer around the hair

/ COSMOS and NATRUE approved, Halal certified 

Sustainability profile   

/ Nitrogen fixing tree, important for forest regeneration

/ Seeds collected naturally by local people

/ Supporting traditional Amazonian livelihoods

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