Jan Dekker proudly introduces:

Phytrox - Natural Antioxidant

Your Solution for Sustainable Freshness of Emulsified Sauces

Are you struggling to maintain the freshness of oils and emulsions in your formulations? We have your solution! 

Introducing Phytrox LT10-IP MB: a natural blend of antioxidants that work together synergistically to extend the shelf life of your products.

Phytrox LT10-IP MB combines the intrinsic power of Vitamin E, a natural mixture of high efficacy d-tocopherols, with the oil-soluble Vitamin C derivative Ascorbyl palmitate. This powerful blend provides greater protection against rancidity compared to using either antioxidant alone. With Phytrox LT10-IP MB, you can ensure that your products remain fresh for longer, resulting in an enhanced customer experience.

Why using Phytrox LT10-IP MB?

/ Prevents Rancidity
Our natural antioxidants effectively prevent rancidity. By using Phytrox LT10-IP MB, you can maintain the quality and visual appeal of your products, avoiding undesirable colour changes 

Superior Shelf-Life
With the use of Phytrox LT10-IP MB, you can achieve better shelf life for your products compared to the most commonly used synthetic antioxidant on the market, EDTA. Our customers have experienced successful cases with improved shelf life and reduced waste.
Phytrox LT10-IP MB contains tocopherols, making it a sustainable ingredient since our tocopherols are upcycled from a by-product of soybean oil refining. This way, we contribute to our sustainability goals and optimize the entire supply chain 

Easy to Use
Our ready-made, easy-to-dose, liquid blend ensures convenience in formulation.
​Adding Phytrox LT10-IP MB to your products is a simple and hassle-free process, saving you time and effort. 

Wide range of applications
Emulsified sauces & dips e.g. mayonnaise, vegetable oils, animals fats & oils, frying oils and margarines & spreads.
​Our solution is designed to accommodate different formulation requirements, offering you a wide range of application possibilities. 

Create a Transformative Impact in your Next Formulation 

By incorporating Phytrox LT10-IP MB into your formulations, you benefit from the synergy between natural antioxidants in an optimized product.

Request your sample and create a transformative impact in your next formulations with a synergistic antioxidant blend. Reach out for more detailed information.