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Meeting Consumer Demand in Cosmetics with Preservatives

The world of preservatives is in continual improvement in cosmetics in order to align with shifting consumer trends and changing attitudes.

We offer a large portfolio of preservatives, with a focus on efficacy, safety, ease of use, and consumer acceptance, in order to future-proof your product protection in a cost-effective way.

What we offer 

/ Over 245 years of expertise

/ Tailor-made solutions in close cooperation with customers 

/ High quality in terms of product quality and support 


What we take into account 

/ Trends and policies 

/ International scale  

/ Natural standards  

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What do you need? 

We have a great understanding of preservatives and love to help you with your challenges. In addition to our large off-the-shelf portfolio, we have a good track record of developing systems specifically for customers due to our flexibility and focus on customisation.

This means we can help you to quickly react on changes from your customers, changes in trends, geographical preferences, ‘negative lists’, or policies and legislation. 

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