Illipe Butter for Silky Smooth Skin

A sustainable, exotic butter derived from the seeds of the Shorea Stenoptera tree (Asian Rainforest) with impressive moisturizing ability. Illipe butter forms a protective layer on the skin, preventing moisture loss and keeping the skin hydrated.
illipe tree rainforest

General information 

Dry skin feel & matte appearance

/ COSMOS & NATRUE approved

/ Halal certified

Sustainability profile   

Against deforestation

/ Providing employment and income for local people

/ Known as edible: ticking the boxes of Conscious Beauty

illipe butter square picture

Illipe against deforestation 

Illipe trees grow in rainforests which are continuously threatened by deforestation, destroying biodiversity and the habitat of orangutans. In the rainforest, a choice can be made between picking up illipe nuts and using more forest products from the intact unaffected rainforest, or slashing it to make room for monocultures. In other words, using our Illipe Butter can preserve the rainforest. What conscious choice would you make?

y wild picking illipe seeds from the forest floor and turning it into a butter locally, employment and income from the local people is generated. By increasing the economical value of the rainforest, they have an incentive to preserve it.


It’s important to us to support initiatives that help local communities. If you also value the story behind our Illipe Butter, fill in the below contact form and we will send you more information.

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