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Icing on the cake: the essential ingredient


A natural antioxidant to protect frosting and fillings with proven efficacy: our Tocomix L70-IP is the perfect choice for extending shelf life and maintaining stability of fat-based cake decorations.

Tocomix L70-IP suitability 

Non-GMO IP tocopherols, with proven high efficacy 
Halal and Kosher certified 
Suitable for vegans 


Ideal for frosting and fillings with high fat content 
Permitted at unrestricted dose (quantum satis)
Easy to dose and mix into the recipe with the fat ingredients 
stuffed waffle

Keeping frosting frosty (and tasty!) 

Frosting is the first thing people see when they are tempted by a cupcake, and the first thing they taste when they take a bite. Keeping frosting fresh and delicious is vital to the consumer experience and those vital first impressions. But as a fat-based topping exposed to air, the frosting on fine bakery products is vulnerable to oxidation and the formation of rancid off flavours, especially if a long shelf life is desired. The Tocomix L70-IP is the go-to solution for preventing oxidation and maintaining flavour, with high efficacy demonstrated in both frosting and fillings.

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