Fresh dough, for longer

Extend the shelf life of fresh, raw doughs with our natural antioxidants
Fresh dough croissant

Tocomix L70-IP suitability

non-GMO IP tocopherols, with proven high efficacy

Halal and Kosher certified

Suitable for vegans


Ideal for raw doughs with high fat content, e.g. cookies, pastry

Permitted at quantum satis levels in authorised applications

Easy to dose and mix into the recipe with the fat ingredients

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Expertise in protecting raw bakery products

The fats in raw doughs are vulnerable to oxidation. Even when stored frozen, they can still develop rancid off-flavours over long periods of time. Tocomix L70-IP has demonstrated efficacy in extending the period before the dough starts to oxidise, helping to extend the shelf life significantly. The natural, high efficiency tocopherols in our Tocomix L70-IP are highly accepted in bakery applications world-wide and are easy to dose and mix into the dough, where they protect the fat ingredients and maintain freshness. 


As well as this off-the-shelf solution, we can develop custom blends of our antioxidants and test them in your product to demonstrate efficacy. Contact us and let us share our expertise by filling in the form below.

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