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Meet our Dekluron range of actives

A conscious choice with the right molecular weight Sodium Hyaluronate

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Hyaluronate is abundantly present in the human body, including the skin, and plays a very important role in many processes. By feeding the skin with this amazing ingredient, you can easily ‘’push’’ the skin towards a healthier version. Because the molecular weight highly dictates which action it performs, we offer a range under the Dekluron range, to target the desired cosmetic benefits.

Our Dekluron range is Halal certified and COSMOS approved. 

What we offer 

/ Biomimetics for safety and efficacy 

/ Keu ingredient for skin health 

/ Offering different weights for different actions 

What you benefit from  

/ Highly effective, already at low use levels 

/ Broad range of effects 

/ Easy to dose solutions available  

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The use of our fermentation-based sodium hyaluronate is
a good example of biomimetics.
Considering the fact that hyaluronate is widely distributed throughout the human body, safety is ensured.

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