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Cupuacu Butter: a hidden gem of the Amazon

Cupuacu is a highly appreciated fruit from Brazil, also referred to as the ‘’taste of the Amazon’’


Cupuacu Butter  

Although not very well known outside South America, cupuacu could be the next superfruit people will recognise, because of health benefits, based on its antioxidant capacity for instance.

And its butter is a soft, creamy butter offers a series of beneficial activities for cosmetic usage.

It is a very appreciated butter, beneficial for very dry, xerotic, damaged skin, and its regenerative and wound healing properties.


From the Amazon, by local people 

The seeds are gathered from the soil in the Amazon by local people. The people are trained in order to gather the right feedstock at the right moment, which is important for product quality and value. The rural people are supported throughout the stages of production, with respect to equipment for cooperatives, technical guidance and protective equipment. Families can work on different species spread over the year. This is not where it ends because the natural richness is providing an income, the forest is less likely to be slashed for monoplantations or for timber. In other words, using the fruits from the intact rainforest might help against deforestation.

Unique properties  

 Hydrating power

Wound healing activity

COSMOS and NATRUE approved, Halal certified

Sustainability profile 

Socio-sustainable sourcing

Contributing to living standards of Amazonian families

Fruits are gathered by local people

cupuacu fruit

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