Jan Dekker proudly introduces:

Calcium Propionate, the bakers choice 


Introducing Neofect Calcium Propionate, the new Jan Dekker preservative. High purity and highly effective as a mould inhibitor in bread and baked goods.

Neofect Calcium Propionate

Widely accepted food additive, with high purity and high solubility
Ideal for baking applications, including bread and fine bakery 
 Powder and granular forms available to suit your needs 

Sliced bread

Keeping bread safe and nutritious 

Bread is a rich source of important nutrients. But fresh bread goes stale quickly, or spoils due to microbial growth and is wasted. Extending the shelf-life of bread using calcium propionate to protect against fungal growth and rope-forming bacteria keeps bread nutritious and safe to eat for longer.
Reducing food waste is essential for ensuring food security and nutrition, as well as increasing the sustainability of our food system. The Neofect Calcium Propionate range is ideal for pre-packed and pre-sliced bread, fine bakery, as well as in cheese and cheese analogues.

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