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Apr 28, 2023


Babassu Oil: Natural Solution for your Hair and Skin Care Routine

Discover this unique oil from the Amazon rainforest with nourishing effects that enhance your future hair and skin formulations.

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Benefits for people and our planet 

Babassu oil is a non-greasy exotic oil, rich in lauric acid, which is very trendy among health-conscious consumers.

Actually a butter at room temperature, this oil can give a cooling effect, since it quickly melts upon skin contact due to its unique fatty acid profile. Babassu oil is pressed from the fruit of trees that are found in the Amazon rainforest.

It is sustainably sourced as the fruit is collected naturally from the ground, so harvesting is not harming the environment or damaging to the tree.

We are proud to offer this product under our ideal of Conscious Beauty.


Women empowerment


Babassu oil is an important source of income for the women from communities in the region involved, creating an incentive to stop deforestation. Communities are trained on best practices to professionalise production and to create additional revenue.


Perfect for skin and hair care

Babassu oil offers good protection of the hair proteins since Lauric acid enables better penetration of the scalp.


Lauric acid also has soothing activity and anti-microbial properties that help keep wounds clean, encouraging healing. Babassu oil can therefore also help to fight the bacteria that cause skin acne and to calm skin that is irritated. It is suitable for all skin types, even sensitive ones.


Examples of applications: face creams, hair masks, and treatments for hair protection, but also soap bars since its high melting point facilitates solidification that easily yields a smooth structure, which makes it easy to work with.

General information 

Readily melting at skin contact

Skin care & hair care benefits

Halal certified 

Sustainability profile 

Women empowerment

Works against deforestation

Sustainably sourced / fruits collected naturally from the ground 

Babassu nuts

Our quality 

We are minimising the impact on the colour and odour/fragrance profile of the end-product, ensuring a consistent, high quality, inspired by food regulations.

It’s important to us to support initiatives that assist local communities. If you also value the story behind our Babassu Oil, fill in the below contact form and we will send you more information.

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