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Andiroba Oil: Ancient Wisdom for Healing and Nourishing Beauty

A Natural Oil that provides an Effective Remedy for relieving several Skin Conditions, promoting Wound Healing and Reducing Inflammation.

General information 

Soothing properties (unique anti-inflammatory limonoids)

Several skincare benefits: wound healing, antibacterial & antioxidant effects, etc.

COSMOS approved & Halal certified

Sustainable profile   

Helps to improve the living standards of local communities 

Works against deforestation 

Sustainably sourced / fruits collected naturally from the ground and water 


The fallen andiroba seeds are gathered from the ground and waters in the Amazon by local people. The people are trained to gather the right seeds at the right moment, which is important for product quality and the sustainability of the harvest.

The rural people are supported throughout the production process, with respect to equipment for use in cooperatives, technical guidance and protective gear. Families work on gathering different species spread over the year, providing a steady income. Receiving a fair price for fruits from the intact rainforest helps provide the means to live a life in the forest, which is our best defence against deforestation. 

We believe it’s important to us to support initiatives that assist local communities and protect our natural resources. If you also value the story behind our Andiroba Oil, fill in the below contact form and we will send you more information.

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