ActiWise BQ into your formulations

Learn how our 100% natural derived active is easy to add into your formulations. Unlock the power of beta-glucan and check its benefits on the skin. 

General information     

Recommended dosage 2% to 5% 

Easy to use water soluble liquid 
Halal certified 

Sustainability profile    

100% natural origin
Cold processable 
Vegan suitable 

Upcycling process on tartaric acid and betaine 

Tocomix pic food

ActiWise BQ for which formulations? 

Our 100% natural derived active is specifically designed to create affinity to the skin, unlocking the efficacy of beta-glucan not only to leave-on, but to rinse-off products as well. Its water soluble form is enabling an easy use in cosmetics. 

Ideal for your formulations of toiletries, such as hand and body washes, body lotions, makeup removers, it is easy to add ActiWise BQ into your formulations. 

Our active offers skin compatibility, with immediate benefits in use. A double synergetic action thanks to its moisturizing and soothing properties. Also helps preserving the skin barrier function from the stress of rinse-off products, as shown in tests performed. 

Let us know below if you need more information on the studies we’ve conducted on this efficacious ingredient for your formulations.

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