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Our carefully selected actives provide your application with a boost of benefits. Gemmoblasts are Gemmotherapy-based extracts from buds, the so-called vegetable stem cells. Each active and Gemmoblast product is scientifically proven to support a variety of benefits, such as slimming, draining and reducing neurogenic inflammation. Discover the benefits of the actives and Gemmoblast range.

Animal Nutrition

Oxidation is a major factor influencing the quality, safety, nutritional value, and – last but not least – the palatability of pet food and feed, and its ingredients. We have a long track record of working with customers to find the optimal, most cost-effective antioxidant solution within the limits of customer demands – either on natural or synthetic systems. Having a broad portfolio, and support on product development, means we can prepare for (future) changes in customer or legislative requirements. This is particularly useful when transferring from synthetic to natural solutions, or when your customers would like to avoid certain classical synthetic antioxidants.


To prevent oxidation, Jan Dekker has a range of antioxidants to stabilise your product and prolong its shelf life. We focus on high quality vegetable antioxidants and tailor-made blends. Furthermore, we offer technical support and oxidation resistance tests to provide you with the most optimal blend for your application. Discover how our antioxidants can boost the freshness of your application.


Considering global trends such as convenience food using more healthy ingredients, it is increasingly important to protect your valuable products against influences of oxidation, to protect the flavour profile and overall quality. At Jan Dekker, we have a range of highly effective natural solutions to retain the freshness of bakery products such as fine bakery wares, in line with the ever-raising expectations of health-conscious consumers, in terms of safety and label-friendliness.


Discover our ingredients suitable for beverage products.

Colour cosmetics

Discover our ingredients suitable for use in colour cosmetics products.


Discover our ingredients suitable for use in confectionary products


Discover our ingredients suitable for use in dairy products


Our Dekanex series (Hydrogenated Polydecene) has one of the highest qualities amongst polyalphaolefins currently available in the market. The high purity of the Dekanex FG variant is the international standard in many babycare, suncare, and sensitive skin products. The versatility of the Dekanex series provides a solution to every application. Discover the versatile Dekanex series.


Discover our ingredients suitable for use in dental products