Opportunities for tomorrow
When sourcing raw materials, several choices are to be made. Many of these have an impact on people and on our planet. By the conscious choices we make on the way (and where) the products are obtained, we want to make a positive impact on the living conditions in economically deprived regions, and on biodiversity retention.

We are aware of the difference we can make

in this role. These conscious choices trickle down in your end product, even in the way your customers or consumers place confidence in your products.

woman with shea nuts header
The trust placed in us since 1778 is very precious. We do not want to settle for what is just ‘good enough’ for today. It is in our DNA to go the extra mile by finding and choosing what will be good for tomorrow. The UN sustainable development goals (SDGs) are useful to classify the goals what is good for the people and our planet. With our sustainable sourcing, we would like to maximise our contribution to the SDGs. Learn about the connection between the SDGs and our products.

Women empowerment

On top of having numerous Vegetable Oils and Butters, we also go above and beyond by creating work for women in deprived regions.

By working with Jan Dekker, you place your trust in supporting local workers in a sustainable environment.

Prevention of deforestation

Today, understanding the world’s challenges about environmental topics is crucial.

That is why trying to save the rainforest is also part of our objectives. We believe in maintaining the balance in our environment.

You too can make a difference. Fill in the contact form below to learn more about our sustainability mission.
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