Our portfolio globally offers a wide range of sourced products. Among them, vegetable oils and butters are good examples of our sourcing capabilities. By the conscious choices we make on the manner in which our products are obtained (and where), we want to make a positive impact on the living conditions in economically deprived regions, and on biodiversity retention.
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Long term collaboration 

Traceability is part of our values, it’s not just a trend that we followed recently. Indeed, it’s important for us to know where our ingredients are from and how the people involved are being treated. We are experts in our domain: providing the best ingredients to your formulations. 

We work closely with specialist producers in more than 50 countries around the world and it’s been more than 10 years since we first began to cooperate with local communities. Taking action to help these communities is part of our sustainable goals, while delivering quality ingredients for our customers. 

Assisting local communities  

One of the added values of our ingredients is the way we work with our sources, which allows us to support their local communities. Over the years, we've 
helped to build schools, facilitated independent work for woman, and have taken part in other local actions to improve lives and promote reforestation. For instance, we have supported initiatives that aid communities producing our Star Shea Butter, Illipe Butter and most recently our Avocado Oil



If you also value the stories behind our sources, see below the contact form and we will send you more information. 

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