Our preservatives range 

The world of preservatives is in continual improvement in cosmetics in order to align with shifting consumer trends and changing legislation. 


To make future-proof choices, we offer a large portfolio of preservatives, from natural-approved preservatives to multifunctional blends for specific applications. 


With over 240 years of expertise in the personal care industry, we offer tailor-made solutions to protect your product including technical support and challenge testing.

We can provide preservatives suitable for a wide range of cosmetic products, for example: shampoos, wet wipes and delicate skin care formulations. These tailor-made solutions are real assets for your final products.

Over the years, several trends and policies have influenced preservatives in cosmetics on an international scale.
That is why the optimal choice depends on performance and regulations aspects, – internal factors such as pH and water solubility and external factors such as legislation, natural standards, EU Ecolabel, and negative lists.

Lab Jan Dekker

Would you like to know more about our tailor-made preservatives, Cosmos-suitable preservatives, or can we help you with other challenges? Then, fill in the form below and we will be happy to share with you our expertise and conscious choices. Think about our oils and butters as well for additional soothing action!

What's your need? 


We have a great understanding of preservatives and love to talk about it and help you with your challenges. Our portfolio offers a large choice for your end product, for example shower gels, leave-on product with low pH or high pH, wet wipes, oral care, etc.

In addition, we have a good track record of developing systems specifically for customers due to our flexibility and focus on customisation. This means we can help you to quickly react on changes from your customers, changes in trends, geographical preferences, ‘negative lists’, or policies or even legislation.

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