Plant-based protection of plant-based food

Our natural antioxidants are the perfect choice for protection of vegan mayonnaise and other emulsified sauces. Extend shelf life and protect flavour with our plant derived alternative to EDTA.
soya beans
Phytrox LT 10-IP MB suitability  

/ Non-GMO IP tocopherols and ascorbyl palmitate  

/ Halal and Kosher certified

/ Suitable for vegans 


/ Ideal for emulsified sauces such as vegan mayonnaise 

/ Permitted at quantum satis levels in authorised applications

/ Easy to dose and mix with the oil phase 

Tocomix pic food

Expertise in protecting plant-based foods   


Consumer preference for ethical and healthy alternatives to traditional foods continues to grow. These new recipes often require specialist strategies to protect them from developing rancid off-flavours over time. Oil-based sauces such as vegan mayonnaise benefit from natural antioxidants that fit with the current trend and replace synthetic additives like EDTA. Our Phytrox LT10-IP MB has the proven ability to protect vegan mayonnaise from oxidation, maintain flavour and extend shelf life. 

As well as this off-the-shelf solution, we can develop custom blends of our antioxidants and test them in your product to demonstrate efficacy. Contact us and let us share our expertise by filling in the form below.

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