Pet food antioxidants 


Jan Dekker is the expert of tailor-made ingredients. We offer a broad range of antioxidants, also for pet food.

Pet food such as dry kibbles, is often exposed to air for long periods of time during which sensitive ingredients can turn rancid. 

We have tackled the challenge of retaining freshness by creating specific antioxidants that prevent rancidity and maintain the nutritional value of the product. 
cat dog eating food
Technical support      


Our in-house testing facilities allow us to measure a wide range of ingredients and products. We use a dedicated equipment to accelerate testing, so we can analyse the oxidative stability of your product. 

This also helps us to observe the efficacy of our antioxidants so we can choose the most ideal and cost-effective antioxidant for your needs.

Natural antioxidants 


Every decision we make for our ingredients has a health outcome and we believe every small change is a step towards better food for our pets.

We use natural-sourced and label-friendly ingredients. Our natural range is FoodChain ID certified and has GMP+ for a selection of antioxidants. We are also aligned with all legislations. 

Our antioxidants facilitate longer shelf life and it’s been confirmed the taste, odour, colour stability of the end products are improved simply by using our antioxidants. 


Please contact us to find out more about our pet food and in-house testing!

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