Our expertise on preservatives 

A cosmetic product is not able to protect itself from ageing, without protection it might lose some of its senses and properties.
That is why preservatives are essentials. Indeed,
the objective of a preservative in cosmetics is to prevent the growth of micro-organisms. 

Jan Dekker, with over 245 years of expertise in the personal care industry, offers tailor-made solutions to protect your product, and offers technical support and external challenge testing.
Our goal is to provide the ideal preservation for the application of your product.


We have a great understanding of preservatives and add them carefully into your cosmetic formulation. Choosing a preservative in cosmetics depends on several aspects including the end-product type: the consumer and the customer policies or geographical preferences.  

Over the years, several trends and policies have influenced preservatives in cosmetics on an international scale. 

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Tailor-made solutions  

Some ‘’forgotten’’ preservatives could also be in the spotlight today. We took the opportunity to rediscover some classic,
yet still efficient nowadays, in order to make conscious choices.
We made sure these preservatives are not under any threat for the final product, and are applicable for external reasons
(i.e.: country policy). We offer preservatives suitable for a wide range of cosmetic products: simple formulation or even more complex ones. 
These tailor-made solutions are real assets for your final products. 


One-stop shop  

On top of being tailor-made, we offer a multitude of ingredients for preservatives. It’s very easy for us as we have an expanding range of ingredients. It can be a challenging task to find an acceptable preservative system for formulations with a relatively high pH where organic acids do not work anymore. We have a collection of products specifically formulated for this purpose and added a new system to this collection. 


Would you like to know more about our tailor-made preservatives, Cosmos-suitable preservatives, or can we help you with other challenges? Then, fill in the form below and we will be happy to share with you our expertise and conscious choices. 

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