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Our carefully selected actives bring positive benefits to your application. 

Gemmotherapy is nowadays a well-known alternative medicine. Its concept is a therapy with buds, which contain all the properties of the future plant: its biological energy, power and functionalities.   

Gemmotherapy is helping to treat various conditions by oral intake. It is Pol Henry, a Belgian physician, who around the 1970s established the Gemmotherapy method: a special treatment of extracts from buds where specific plants are advised for different ailments. 
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 Our Gemmoblasts


Jan Dekker has converted therapeutic knowledge of Gemmotherapy to cosmetic benefits. Indeed, we offer several Gemmotherapy ingredients for specific purposes: from soothing effects on skin, to reduction of eye bag volume, but also slimming effects. 

All of our actives have been under numerous tests in order to prove efficacy and dermatologists assured and monitored their tolerance. We also carefully choose our actives according to our vision and mission. That is why, on top of its benefits, our Gemmoblasts are Cosmos certified actives and obtained Halal certification. 
For example, the GemmoCalm active is focused on soothing, it helps reducing the redness on the skin thanks to the extract from the buds of blackcurrant. It is therefore ideal for aftershaves, repairing face creams, and post acne treatments. It is designed for all skin types, even sensitive skins.

Our GemmoDrain uses the bud extracts of service tree in order to reduce, for instance, eye bag volume and to improve blood circulation. The positive effects of our GemmoDrain have been clinically proven. The service tree is growing in warm regions of Europe and in some other parts of the world. The buds are used to stimulate the blood and are also recommended to treat heavy legs and to improve the tonicity of the vein wall. 

Finally, GemmoSlim uses the extracts from the buds of the fig to help reshape and slim the body. Several clinical tests on the abdomen were conducted and slimming effects were noticed on the abdomen. 

Our actives contribute to overall well-being using natural methods. If you also value where your ingredients are from, see below the contact form and we will send you more information about our Gemmoblasts range. 
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