Dekamulen Power'Feel

We are very proud to introduce you to our new ingredient called Dekamulen Power'Feel. It's a natural high performing polymeric emulsifier that offers an amazing skin feel. Indeed it has a soft touch and provides light and silky textures. It has a quick break, no peeling effect and a high spreadability.

Easy to use  

Cold process is possible with Dekamulen Power’Feel. It enables high emollient loads, of a broad range of emollient types, at low use levels.
Its ready-to-use powder is convenient because making a premix is not needed in the process; no neutralisation needed either.

Our Dekamulen Power’Feel is a natural derived ingredient, also suitable for vegans. It is biodegradable and saving energy when cold process is applied. 

Dekamulen Power'Feel is Cosmos approved and Halal certified. 

Amazing skin feel

A sensory analysis has been conducted and the results show the superb skin feel of Dekamulen Power’Feel and its similarity with the synthetic ones. It is a perfect replacement. Also, several opportunities can be developed for formulations where the silky touch is important. There is no peeling effect as often experienced with natural alternatives, it has a quick break and is non-sticky.



We’ve developed three prototypes featuring Dekamulen Power’Feel, in order to show our ingredient’s efficacy and demonstrates its amazing skin feel and ease of use. These prototypes have an amazing skin feel thanks to the properties of Dekamulen Power’Feel. The prototypes help prevent the very first ageing signs in a natural and comforting 3-steps facial routine.

Please contact us below to find out more about our new launch ingredient, the Dekamulen Power’Feel and the prototypes we’ve created. 


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