Hair care routine   

Hair has so many different meanings and values around the world. It can tell someone’s personality traits and character too. Everyone's hair and scalp routine should be healthy thanks to a good formulation. Popular and trendy water-free formulations offer different consistency and feels. 

They can open up possibilities for a range of hair care ingredients: for example our vegetable oils and butters.
We also offer preservatives and actives that are beneficial to all types of hair: curly, coily, wavey or straight. 

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Hair-mony formulations

Nowadays, self-care rhymes with hair care. Since the past few years, people pay more attention to the ingredients of their hair products. The interest is focused on their hair type formulations but also on the specific function of the ingredients: nourishing and protecting the hair. 

You can find these properties in several oils and butters that we offer. Our Babassu oil has a good penetration and protection thanks to its shorter chains. Our Argan oil plays a role of a vegetable conditioner by adding a protective layer around the hair fibres.

Today’s trend is adding skin-care ingredients to the hair-care products in order to hydrate the hair and scalp. 
It goes without saying our Tsubaki oil is ideal to soften the hair, make it shiny and repair the split ends. It also protects the hair from external influences and from drying out.

Our Shea butter’s properties are to nourish and protect the hair and our Murumuru butter is very good in improving hair manageability.

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Hair preservation and activity  

Our preservatives such as Dekaben BS, are an asset to prevent microbial growth. They are based on organic acids and are easy to use (low or high pH).

We also have a large portfolio of Actives that are calming the scalp, such as GemmoCalm, Menthol Natural Crystals that aims for a fresh feeling and finally Avocadol for a healthier scalp. 


If you also value hair trends and what ingredients to add into today’s hair formulations, fill in the below contact form and we will be in touch shortly. 

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