Do you know our antioxidant Tocomix L95-IP?

Our Tocomix L95-IP is a tocopherol form with an exceptionally high purity. It is suitable for organic products and its high quality is appraised by our customers.
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The right Tocopherols   


Obtained from plants, our Tocomix L95-IP is suitable for organic products and has not been synthesised nor chemically modified. It has the optimal, natural composition for product protection with the additional health benefits. It is a logical choice for natural product protection. 

Our Tocomix L95-IP is a very good example of upcycling.

This product can even add value on the label. Indeed, customers are more concerned on labels and more aware of the health benefits of tocopherols in vegetable oils.

Our Tocomix L95-IP is non-GMO Identity Preserved certified.

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Tocomix L-range  


Our Tocomix L95-IP is part of our range that we call Tocomix L range. All ingredients from this range are highly appreciated by our customers thanks to their label-friendly ingredients and their additional benefits.

Please contact us via the form below to find out more about our Tocomix L95 or our Tocomix L range!

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