Beautiful Oil
The Gold of Pleasure oil is beautiful by its name…but not only! This oil’s story and benefits are incredible assets among the skin and hair care products. The Gold of Pleasure Oil is also a great advantage for the environment as it answers several questions on sustainability aspects.

It is also a Cosmos approved oil and is Halal certified. We are aware of the real potential of this oil and its use in various cosmetic formulations. And yet, the Gold of Pleasure Oil is still a niche and not well-known, despite its indisputable advantages.


The story of this oil is quite unique, just like its attractive light-yellow colour.

Gold of Pleasure Oil
Beautiful Benefits

Besides its charming name and colour, the Gold of Pleasure Oil offers a beneficial composition with active constituents. Among them, the omega-3 fatty acid present, is known for anti-inflammatory actions related to many diseases.

In addition to this, Gold of Pleasure Oil is highly respected for its excellent skin feel.

This oil contains unusual high contents of valuable polyunsaturated fatty acids which are considered as healthy fats.

Beautiful Story

The Gold of Pleasure Oil might be considered as a climate change ready oil. It means the crop is growing on soil that cannot grow anything else at a specific time of the year. It’s a great asset because it sustainably intensifies the agricultural systems by providing farmers with additional choices for their soil.

In addition, the crop of Gold of Pleasure attracts wildlife and is also bee friendly.
On top of that, since it does not require tropical climates, the Gold of Pleasure contributes to the prevention of deforestation and the revival of Europe’s (s)oils.

Considering all the benefits, it is time to re-appreciate this beautiful oil.

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