Antioxidants & Food

Several aspects influence customers when buying a food product. The decision can be based on the freshness, attractiveness, flavour of the product, etc.

All these qualities can change quickly, and it becomes very challenging to retain them. That is why antioxidants can help. It is part of their role to protect the product and its attributes. In short: antioxidants can delay the oxidation process.


We have performed a lot of testing of different antioxidants in a variety of products. This expertise can guide you to the most optimal antioxidant.

For instance, we have tested our antioxidants on a specific bakery product using natural-sourced ingredients. It guided us to determine which antioxidant was more suitable.

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In-house testing 


We know how important it is to test the final formulation with, and without, our antioxidants. The result can also be different if the antioxidant test is only focused on e.g. the oil component. Our technical infrastructure enables complete testing of the complete, final food product, giving the most relevant information for product protection.

Furthermore, this method allows us to show which antioxidant is more adequate and optimal for this specific product. Being able to customise our recipe directly based on our in-house testing is one of our greatest advantages. Indeed, our strength is to provide tailor-made mixtures in order to create new formulations according to your needs.

With us, you can make confident steps towards (more) appreciated ingredients that can even generate an additional value on the label for ingredient-aware consumers.

We observed good stability regarding colour, taste, and odour of the tested product. It demonstrated that the product is improved and will last longer on the shelf life.

Trust us and our broad portfolio of ingredients and synergistic blends. We will be happy to share with you our expertise on antioxidants if you fill in the form below.

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