ActiWise BQ: unlock the power of beta-glucan

Let us introduce you to our new active ingredient that is 100% natural derived. The benefits are not only restricted to leave-on products. It is especially developed to create affinity to the skin, opening up benefits for rinse-off applications as well.
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ActiWise BQ unlocks the power of baker’s yeast beta-glucan and makes it available for cosmetics. The highly active yeast beta-glucan is insoluble in water - in the ActiWise BQ it is turned into a water soluble form, enabling an easy use in cosmetics. 

We are also excited to share this launch because we’ve conducted tests on volunteers, and they showed our ingredient compensate the loss in moisturisation and skin barrier function damage of a rinse-off application.

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Perfect for... 

It is a perfect ingredient for body lotions, body wash, makeup removers and is easy to add into formulations.

Because we also make conscious choices, the tartaric acid and betaine are obtained in an upcycling process. 

Our actives contribute to overall well-being using natural methods. If you also value where your ingredients are from and want to unlock together the power of beta-glucan, see below the contact form and we will send you more information about our new launch ActiWise BQ. 

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