Cocoa Butter and Conscious Beauty 


All our ingredients have a story to tell. Our Cocoa Butter is about helping communities. Indeed, we take cocoa beans very seriously and not just because it makes you think of chocolate.

The cocoa butter is not only related to food but is also very useful in cosmetics. It is actually a star product in personal care. Some of the end-products can be body butter, stick products and creams. 
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Quality ingredient 

Cocoa Butter Refined -RA MB has a great quality for both food and personal care. Our Cocoa Butter Refined -RA MB has been refined to enable a worry-free use in personal care products. On top of it, our Cocoa Butter is safe to eat, which ticks the boxes of Conscious Beauty. Our Cocoa Butter is very nourishing and is acting as a skin protector, bringing softness and soothing effect to the skin, compatible with all skin types. 

It is a tropical butter with a high content of natural antioxidants. There is no chemical modification needed for our Cocoa Butter. This butter is nowadays a very trendy and a noble ingredient in skin care thanks to its healing aspects and skin restructuring. 

Fair supply chain 

We are proud to say our Cocoa Butter Refined -RA MB has several labels and certifications. As most of our ingredients, it is Halal certified.
It is also -RA MB certified. -RA is a program and label for sustainable farming worldwide. By buying -RA certified cocoa, Jan Dekker / IMCD supports sustainable cocoa farming. The certification program is now part of the Rainforest Alliance, which is working to create a better future for people and nature.


We are glad to be able to support sustainable cocoa farming. Indeed, improving the lives of the people in the origin countries are important factors for us. It means participating into the improvement of schooling for children or even supporting developments of the infrastructure in small villages.


We also value the importance of optimisation and reducing waste. That is why, it is essential for our Cocoa Butter to be part of a socio-sustainable initiative. Indeed, the use of different grades of cocoa beans allows us to upcycle and reduce waste streams. This process creates additional income for local farmers and farmer cooperatives who sell the beans.


If you also value where your ingredients are from and how it improves sustainability, see below the contact form, we will send you more information about our Cocoa Butter!

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