Your conscious choice on antioxidants

Important role of antioxidants


Antioxidants help maintain the properties and performance of a product, and are used to avoid a change in odour, colour, texture and to avoid degradation of ingredients. They are important to retain safety as well.





Considering the appreciation of natural ingredients, the ingredient choice is more important than ever. Jan Dekker offers solutions using the efficacy from nature, perfectly fitting in today's trend. We are careful with natural resources: our tocopherols from nature are obtained in an upcycling process, providing a highly appreciated, best in class quality.

Important role of antioxidants



One INCI name… but a lot of different types. We have seen that the wrong type for your purpose (in terms of efficacy and naturality) is easily picked. As not all antioxidants are the same, and the efficacy depends on the formulation, our expertise can be very useful.


Profit from our expertise


We provide synergy in terms of expertise, having both an oils/butters and antioxidants portfolio! We have a good track record of flexibility in customisation. Our in-house testing infrastructure provides insight into the antioxidant efficacy.

Our antioxidant experts can help you with choosing the right one and to maximise the natural status of your formulation. In this way, the labelling of necessary functionals can turn into a labelling advantage!

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