Our Argan Oil CP organic    

Argan oil is mainly known for its benefits in hair care. But it has skin care potential thanks to its benefits for hydration, elasticity and wound healing. It is also a conscious beauty ingredient since it has an edible history: did you know that its anti-inflammatory properties can also be extended to oral intake?

Our Argan Oil originates from Morocco and plays an important role against desert progression. We are proud to state our Argan Oil is 100% organic: COSMOS certified and NATRUE certified. It’s also Halal certified. Argan oil is known for high levels of tocopherols, and also the tocopherol profile is beneficial, with a focus on anti-inflammatory properties. 


Quality & socio-sustainability story


Our Argan Oil is carefully created in a modern facility involving women’s craftmanship. Indeed, we work with a local women’s cooperative in the north of Africa. So far, the cooperative has over 100 women members that get a decent salary from their activities.
It makes them financially and economically independent.


On top of that, some partnerships have been created with other small cooperatives for the fruit collection, removal of the pulp and shell crushing. In the cooperatives, several of the local women are elderly, it is important to have a social and active role.

women argan

Fighting desertification   


The argan tree is naturally taking a role into fighting desertification in Morocco as it retains soil health and gives shade to other life forms.

Some regulations have been settled when it comes to the designated area and also when fruit picking from the soil is allowed in order to maintain the tree population healthy.

It’s important for us to take initiatives and think differently in order to support local communities. If you also value the story behind our Argan Oil CP organic, fill in the below contact form and we will send you more information.

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