Mango Kernel Butter

Mango is a popular tropical fruit, appreciated by many. Mango Kernel Butter is considered as an exotic butter in cosmetics. Because we carefully select our ingredients, the Mango Kernel Butter is in line with our conscious choice: the kernels are left over from food production, so they are upcycled ingredients. 
Mango tree

Conscious Butter

Our Mango Kernel Butter is a non-modified butter that is also known for being edible. Several aspects make our butter more sustainable than others. Indeed, we purchase the seed directly from forest-dwelling peoples to fight against poverty and try to stimulate reforestation, contributing to our sustainability goals. The fruit picking is done by the local women, at a fair price system. 

We are happy to be supporting smallholdings and women in order to improve their income.

We are committed to a sustainable supply chain by working with these local women cooperatives.
It also should be highlighted that the mangos are wild picked from the forest floor, limiting damage to the forest, and protecting existing trees. 

Moreover, reforestation is a key opportunity to fight for our planet. We are currently contributing to the plantations of young mango trees, and to the training of workers on agriculture best practices.

Promising Butter

The Mango Kernel Butter is a very easy to use ingredient in final products. It is usually selected for skin care creams, lotions, and body butters because of its softness, and because it adds elasticity. It is also a useful ingredient in beauty sticks.

In addition to its excellent cosmetic properties, some of the constituents of the Mango Kernel Butter have promising active properties such as anti-cancer, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory effects.

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