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With over 245 years of experience in customisation in the personal care and food ingredient industry, we at Jan Dekker pride ourselves on our high-quality products, strong technical and regulatory expertise, and sustainability focus. Our portfolio consists of globally sourced vegetable oils and butters, food-grade antioxidants, preservatives and functional ingredients.
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At Jan Dekker, having a focus on expertise and quality ingredients is not just something that we believe in, it’s what we do. In a world filled with constant change, you can rely on our sourcing, technical, regulatory and customisation expertise. 
Consequently, we take pride in the long-standing global partnerships we have built from farm to formulation. Discover the Jan Dekker product ranges and please feel free to inquire support or more data via the contact form. 

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With Jan Dekker you can make a conscious choice at the core of your formulation. As a result, our products are finding their way into a broad variety of personal care products, produced by a broad customer base, including global, well-recognised brands. Our technical experts are available to you to support with the best choices for every personal care application.
Oxidation affects the attractiveness of food, and changes taste and odour profiles. New consumer trends poses new challenges on product protection, and at Jan Dekker we are working for decades to protect your valuable products against the influences of oxidation. We have a proven track record of finding the optimal solution for customers, based on our expertise and in-house testing facilities.

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